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Project Description

System for extending SuperMemo UX - popular tool for computer-assisted learning.
Complete environment for writing new plugins with API covering important SM actions. Example plugins to demo possibility of system.
Of course all of these for educational purposes only.

If you want to participate in this project you are welcome.
We need not only developers but also everybody who has ideas how to improve SuperMemo.


  • Items import/export preserving items structure and multimedia files. All items are saved in a new powerful format SmUxPack
  • Record pronunciation sample from any program using unique technique for quick recording just from SM UX
  • Extended formatting: possibility to change text and background colour, adding number list, adjusting indents for paragraphs and many more
  • Special IPA table for adding pronunciation very easily
  • Additional editor navigation shortcuts and fast incremental search for items in current database
  • Powerful bookmarks system working even with commercial databases. You can add your own remarks correcting wrong items!
  • System for quick looking up any selected text in dictionary in both edit and learn mode
  • Downloading IPA for selected word
  • Downloading pronunciation for English words and automatically assigning it to answer sound
  • Importing database's from legacy SuperMemo using NodeAsText format
  • Editing multiple items at one time

You can find the detailed information in Polish language here:

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